How important is the thickness of impact glass if I were to compare 5/16 thick impact glass against a 7/16 impact glass?

Theres a lot to consider here, especially the role your windows will be playing during the life of your home.

We always lead with the fact that Impact glass thickness is a critical factor in determining the level of protection it offers against impacts. Here’s some additional information on why thicker glass is considered better:

Enhanced Structural Integrity: Thicker glass, such as 7/16, possesses greater structural integrity compared to thinner glass like 5/16. It can withstand higher levels of pressure and force, making it more resistant to impacts from flying debris or strong winds.

Increased Impact Resistance: The additional thickness of 7/16 glass provides a greater buffer zone against impact forces. When subjected to high-velocity objects or extreme weather conditions, the thicker glass is less likely to crack or shatter, reducing the risk of damage to the home’s interior and its occupants.

Compliance with Stringent Standards: Building codes and regulations often specify minimum glass thickness requirements for impact resistance. Thicker glass, such as 7/16, is more likely to meet or exceed these standards, ensuring that your windows are adequately protected against potential hazards.

Sound Insulation: Thicker glass tends to have better sound insulation properties compared to thinner glass. It can help reduce exterior noise infiltration, providing a quieter and more comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficiency: Thicker impact glass can also contribute to improved energy efficiency by offering better insulation against heat transfer. It helps maintain stable indoor temperatures and reduces the reliance on heating or cooling systems, leading to potential energy savings.

We want to end by stating that both thicknesses are considered approved IMPACT. The case for the thicker glass is the fact that you only usually buy windows once in a lifetime, the ones your home came with, well those are the default ones, the new windows will become the windows of your home for life, theres a lot to consider, especially the role your windows will be playing during the life of your home.

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